Saturday, May 2, 2009

Mine That Bird

Doesn't everyone love the story of the Underdog? Why is that?  Why are we drawn to those stories? How can it be that I don't know a thing about horses, horseracing, Kentucky Derby, or Preakness, but I can turn on the TV right before the event, watch the 2 minute race, and be in tears with the story about a small town Louisiana boy and a trainer who drove into the tracks with a 20 year old pick up truck and a trailor, with a 50:1 odds, win the race? 

We can identify with these stories.  They give us hope and inspiration.  They make us believe almost anything is possible.  These stories could be you, me, or the guy down the street. They feel good.  

Sometimes I am just a sucker for the feel good stories. 

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