Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I Remember

I remember when my Dad taught my brother to smoke.

I remember the house that I lived in when I learned that things are not always as they seem. I loved that house.

I remember playing cars and star wars guys for hours with my step brother.

I remember wanting to go to a movie with a friend, and not having a friend to go with.

I remember the excitement of my first trip to New Orleans.

I remember seeing Martina Navratilova play tennis.

I remember hastily grabbing all my belongings from my fathers house while he was at work. I knew I would never go there again.

I remember Susan’s last breath.

I remember the first time I met my husband; I don’t remember falling in love with him.

I remember the book mobile that came out once a week.

I remember the smell of the orange groves in central florida.

I remember Super Cat.

I remember when my Dad cried - when our dog died and when my grandmother died. He said he cried when my Grandfather died.

I remember her laugh.

I remember the warmth and safety I felt in her hugs, even as she got older.

I remember when my Mom bought me $50 Guess jeans, when she was strapped for money.

I remember the road trip to key west with my Mother.

I remember my mother sitting in the cardboard box and riding it down the stairs and how I laughed watching her.

I remember both of my first kisses.

I remember the first time i thought I needed to lose weight.

I remember when my first child was born.

I remember my first airplane ride.

I remember my godmother singing amazing grace at my grandfathers grave in the springtime. I felt like I was in a movie. I remember her brother singing Old Rugged Cross in the church.

I remember eating deer steak, pork belly skins, and frog legs and those things being normal.


  1. I love how others' memories rekindle my own. I have many that center around a cardboard box. Both from my own childhood and that of my children.

    I loved that you joined us for this exercise!

  2. I wish I remember my first kiss. How crazy is it that I don't?

    So pleased we at least go to meet, albeit quickly on the weekend! And thank you for joining up.

  3. Oh, I love these - just like Sarah said, so many of them trigger memories for me. Like Martina Navratilova - in my parents' house the world stopped during a Wimbledon or US Open final. I always loved Stefan Edberg the best ... xox