Monday, November 30, 2009

Its all in the way you look at it

I have often thought about the power of writing. There are so many different perspectives and outlooks. So many different ways to view any given moment in time. It is not just in writing, but an attitude.

Todays post and picture are about the same day as yesterdays post.

Notice in the picture above. My son has a nice claw mark down his cheek given to him by his sister when a fight broke out. Oh, I don't remember exactly when this happened or what it was about because it happened ALL DAY LONG. Often in louder, whinier voices than I am able to write.

"I don't like yours. Its not pretty."
"You can't have that one. It's mine."
"That ornament doesn't go there."

There ensued moments of sneaking ornaments on and off the tree. Child A didn't wanted it to look one way. Child B either didn't want it to be that way, or more likely, wanted to antagonize the other, and took the ornament off when A wasn't looking. Child A would discover it, shriek, and seek to remedy the situation in whatever way they could.

When someone was feeling especially powerless, they would resort to, "you can't ever have a sleep over in my room again," or "meanie", or "I am not getting you a present."

As much as I hate to admit it, the banter sometimes crept into the grown ups in the house. Oh, it didn't get as vicious, mind you, but it was there. If one of us had an idea that differed from the other, little things would happen. Someone would disappear so they couldn't help or make snide comments about who is doing more.

And, being a part of a competitive family, somehow we can turn Christmas decorating into something you can win. I can get more ornaments on the tree than you. I will hang the prettiest one. Who can get more boxes out? Who can put the most money in their giving jars?

This also, rather than extends to, probably stems from the adults. Mostly the one not writing this. :)
While putting up the lights on the tree, I actually stopped to write down this quote to make sure I got it right.

"My side is gonna look perfect. Yours will need tons of help."

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