Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Galley

I love good finds. I love good deals. I love authenticity. I love good food. I love things you can't get at any strip mall in the suburbs. I found something that fits all these categories.

I loved this dinner. Saleh Hamshari is Palestinian and he is a great chef. I note his ethnicity for two reasons. I think it's cool we have a Palestinian IN OUR SUBURBS. Second, I don't know much about Middle Eastern/Palestinian cooking (turns out it was Peruvian cooking I think), and maybe you do. Maybe you would know better than to dunk your chicken in this sauce without heeding caution.

But I didn't know better. Nor did I know the name of it. MEAN GREEN HOT SAUCE. That definitely would have been a hint. But, honestly, I wouldn't have been prepared. Because I would have started talking crack about how I grew up down South and nothing in Minnesota is truly spicy. Well, let me tell you, this hot sauce is not fit for any native Minnesotan.

This was a perfect hot sauce. It was spicy from the inside out. Not a sauce that you make and then you want it to be spicy so you add hot stuff. Or something that tastes like it had a spice packet added, like jambalaya in a box. It was so flavorful, so rich, that it stung when you ate it, but had you crawling back for more because the flavor was so sincere.

Moving on. The MEAN GREEN HOT SAUCE comes with an incredibly moist, juicy flavorful whole chicken that is roasted and then pressed over a charcoal fire. It is also accompanied by your choice of two sides. We had fluffy, sticky (yes, it was both) jasmine rice and flavorful green beans. We have a family of five and have left overs of everything.

Total Cost: $25

For more information, and for those who live in town and want to order, check this out.

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