Wednesday, June 29, 2011

An Evening Stroll

I tried one of Lindseys Notice Things Walks last night.  It was similar to one of my first attempts at meditation.  Meaning, my kids didn't notice things that her kids did.  There was no heart shape in a tree or noticing the way the light shines on a plant.  They were like, "I notice the neighbors house, Mom." or "I notice the road is black." or I notice the bright orange paint where they marked the gas line.  Or the big pile of black dirt.  Or the litter on the road.

I kept trying to show them leaves or berries.  I grabbed a plant with a beautiful red stem and attempted to show it to them, when my daughter yelled that I was holding poison oak.

I started to get upset because I had been looking forward to this walk all day. I was ready to give them a great experience and darnit, they better get it.  When we decided just to enjoy the walk, a few things came out.  Chloe noticed the funky smell of all the dirt dredged up in the neighbors woods.  She said, "I didn't know dirt could smell gross."

I was still trying to make this meaningful, under the guise of simply enjoying the walk.  It just wasn't working.  Just like in meditation if you catch yourself thinking, you return to your breath, I caught myself trying to make it meaningful, so I attempted to let go of expectations and really tried to be in the moment.

When I am able to give up control of the outcome, wonderful things happen.

I noticed that the Marsh is already taller than them!

We caught fish,

had water fights,

 skipped rocks,

made sand castles,

made grass whistle,

made wishes,

watched the sunset from the lifeguard stand,

and took some good pictures.

You see a fish.  I see little boy hands.

Chaucer still skipping rocks (left, on dock)

It was wonderful!


  1. This post made me laugh so hard because I saw myself trying to make a memory for my own kids. It's magical how you can write these hilarious scenes and then all of a sudden show the tender underside.

  2. This looks positively GORGEOUS ... and believe me, there's plenty of yelling and frustration on my part sometimes on those walks. I think it's about just letting it be ... just as you say. xox

  3. Gorgeous is the word... All of it. Although that last shot really captured me...
    All of it makes me homesick for the beach! Thanks for this beautiful stroll...