Monday, January 2, 2012


I have never written a year end summary in our holiday card, but I have always sent out a card.  I made our card hastily, oh so very hastily, this year.  I was frustrated with my lack of pictures, or lack of organization with them.  I ended up using this picture from last Christmas which, in my defense, was taken after our cards went out last year. And I love it.  The temperature was right at zero, but we were on the Lake and the wind was blowing fiercely creating wind chills about 40 below.  I had them take off their coats and go sit in the sled for the picture.  They were such good sports - I think because they wanted it over with so they cooperated immediately. It was fun!

And for some reason, I wanted to write something.  I didn't want the dry recitation of where we went or what sports my kids were doing, but something more.  But I didn't have time, I had about an hour to create the entire card and make the order or they wouldn't get done.  As it was, I mailed them on the 23rd of December.  So I wrote this bit in about 5 minutes, barely edited it, and sent it out.  Of course, now there are many things I would add or take away, but shutterfly was fickle in the amount they would let me put there.  Ultimately, I was happy with it, so I thought I would share it here.

In 2011, 
We watched sunsets, we said goodbyes, we woke at midnight to watch a caterpillar spin a cocoon.  We released it days later, with quiet reverence, learning to let go.  We skied by moonlight in a winter wood, and spent many days on the lake and fall evenings by a fire. 
We hunted for eggs, celebrated the royal wedding on a day that longed to be warmer. We grew our own tomatoes and ate them off the vine. We learned painful lessons that were uninvited, yet we became stronger  because of them. 
We sat in the rain watching soccer and baseball games; we took a road trip from South Florida to New Orleans.  We ate beignets and po boys and alligator and longed for more time down South.   
We kayaked through lilly pads in Northern Minnesota.  We skipped rocks in a stream in the Tennessee Smoky Mountains.  And we starting skyping Daddy for bedtime prayers, so now we know he closes his eyes when he prays for us while he is on the road.
We embraced wonder, simplicity, and gratitude. 



  1. Wonder, simplicity, and gratitude. There's nothing better. What perfect words. xox

  2. This is just so beautiful, M K. Wow. Sometimes the best things come in the least time...

    Thank you. So glad you shared it here. What a gift.

  3. Wow what a great year. Pure poetry! Happy New Year!!